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Behind the design: Crosswater by Tayler Harris



Simply timeless.

Tayler Harris's new pattern design, Crosswater, is a short-sleeved cardigan knit in our DK cashmere that is certain to be an every-day staple. It is my kind of cardi with its simple shape and elegant lines that will add sophistication to anything I wear.



From mood board and finished sweater to the name of the pattern, Crosswater evokes a story of water. From Tayler:

Crosswater was inspired by water, by its graceful flow and the peaceful murmur it creates as it crashes onto a sandy shore or over rocks in a stream. Water has elegance and tranquility. I wanted to capture these attributes through the cable pattern that gently flows into the body of the cardigan. Water can be still, yet lively; powerful, yet calm. These are the qualities I wanted to emulate in the rhythmic rib stitch pattern throughout the main body and sleeves. Water is pure and precious, and these elements are reflected in the immaculate Kyrgyz cashmere it is knit with. My hope is that this piece will help remind us that through all of the ebbs and flows of life, beauty can still be found.

I believe beauty is found in the design of this cardigan, Tayler! I always wish for people to find joy in making - I can't wait to put this project on my needles because I already can anticipate a calmness from making this particular design. First, like I already mentioned, this is my kind of cardigan. But beyond that, I find the single cable twisting into the flowing lines of ribbing to be calming. It's a pattern simple enough to give me joy in making, with enough techniques to keep me on my toes. 


The beauty is in the details.

Crosswater is size inclusive (bust range 29-64 inches) and provides detailed written and chart instructions for techniques and steps. Tayler offers technique videos on her YouTube channel. You can find Tayler and all her patterns on Ravelry under tayleranne. Patterns include Tayler's email address for pattern support.

Of course, we've bundled the pattern and yarn into our logo project bag. Head over to our kit and get yours now:  Crosswater Cardigan Kit

Follow Tayler on: website, Ravelry, IG: @tayleranneknits; Technique videos: YouTube.

A final note. Interestingly, as I was preparing to write this post with all-things-cardigan on my  mind, a headline popped up on my social media feed. It was from Modern Daily Knitting's (MDK) blog dated for last July, 2021, featuring knitwwear designer Patty Lyon's, 'Ask Patty' column. Patty's topic? Button Bands! It's a great read . . . and relevant here, so take a look: Ask Patty: Button Band Gladness.


Until soon, find joy in knitting -- especially with June Cashmere!


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