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In the media

Here is what people are saying about June Cashmere:

The Cashmere Story- July 8, 2020 online by Jana Kománková

Columbus Underground-August 30, 2018 online

"The yarn produced by June Cashmere creates jobs, boosts the Kyrgyzstan economy, and raises the bar for quality cashmere yarn globally."

Vogue Knitting Magazine: "High Fiber" Winter 2017/18

"During the actual (cashmere) molting season, the June Cashmere local manager drives to each village and purchases cashmere directly from households."

A great review of our yarn by Deja Joy of Knit and Crochet Ever After. Support Deja and purchase her Grace Beanie pattern to make with one skein of June Cashmere, DK. 


The Best Yarn for Holiday-Scarf-Knitting Is Soft, Bespoke Cashmere

We're listed as a favorite cashmere in New York Magazine for holiday knitting!

Spin-Off magazine: "June Cashmere-Inside the Campaign to Renew Kyrgyz Cashmere" Fall 2017

(Spin Off Magazine website)

"As Sy, his team, and the shepherds continue their work to improve the quality of Kyrgyzstan's native cashmere, fiber artisans everywhere can look forward to a traceable source of sustainable and responsible cashmere. . ."

Clara Parkes: "Knitter's Review" January 2017

"There are 12 colors total, gorgeously chosen to mix and match while standing strong on their own. Each has subtle heathered undertones made possible by the fact that this yarn isn’t made from bright white fibers..."

Knit Purl: "The Story of June Cashmere" April 2017

"Sy and his team are able to focus on the quality of the cashmere down itself during their annual spring buying trip, paying the herders higher prices for softer fiber. This provides the shepherds with a much needed source of income in a country suffering from chronic underemployment, allowing them to pay debts and invest for their future..."

Selvedge Magazine: "Up the mountain for down" December 2016 

(Selvedge Magazine website)

"By producing yarn in which the betterment of Kyrgyz families is found in every skein, June Cashmere is a socially responsible rarity in the textile world. Restoring cashmere to its most pure and luxurious form in the process ensures that traditions and skills are not lost..."

Knitting Sarah: "In Review: June Cashmere" November 2016

"I found the yarn to have a wonderful depth of color and having had other cashmere yarns that have been prone to splitting, I used needles with blunter tips. I’m happy to report that it really was not an issue with this yarn though. This yarn knit like a dream..."

Knit and Crochet Ever After: "June Cashmere Yarn Review: Youtube" November 2016

"A lot of cashmere that you find is more on the natural color side, so it's rare to see colors such as this pumpkin and mulberry...this really makes this yarn stand out for me..."

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