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Finding one's place - on the knitting chart


One day as I put down my knitting in order to move the highlighter tape keeping my place on a knitting chart I thought, there must be a better way. Not only did I have to use two hands to move it, the tape had yet again lost its stickiness and needed to be replaced. I had seen and priced the magnetic pattern holders that stand upright, but I take my knitting everywhere and didn’t think it would be a practical solution for me. Also, I am on a knitting budget and prefer to put my money into yarn. I googled knitting chart hacks and discovered one that was affordable, mobile and as a bonus uses the tape that I purchased for the purpose of keeping my place on knitting charts!

At the local craft store, I bought two magnetic 5X7 sheets. I cut a 1/2” strip off the long end of one of them. I placed the larger sheet behind my knitting chart and put the pattern back into a plastic sleeve. That keeps the magnetic sheet in place.  Then I cut a strip of wasabi tape and put it on the 1/2” magnetic strip to pretty it up. The strip is used to mark my place on the knitting chart and is held in place by the magnetic sheet behind. I cut a1/2” strip on the short side of the sheet I cut initially and made a second set.

Now I just slide the strip up with one hand when I finish a line or section on the chart and don’t even need to put my knitting down. I keep a second piece of tape stuck at the bottom of the sheet for when the pattern is in transit and the magnetic strip might slide on its own, losing my place. When I take it out and start knitting, I use the magnetic strip again.


So far it is working well for me. And when I get bored of the tape, I change it up!

-Guest post by Signe Swanson

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