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The Turmok: A Swirl Yoke Sweater Kit
The Turmok: A Swirl Yoke Sweater Kit
The Turmok: A Swirl Yoke Sweater Kit

The Turmok: A Swirl Yoke Sweater Kit

$ 176.00 USD


Turmok, the Kyrgyz word for swirl, brings to mind the constant motion of the nomadic shepherd families as guided by the seasons. Up the mountains for summer pastures and to the valley for cold winters, it's a constant cycle of change. In Western culture, this type of nomadic life is an unfamiliar chaos, but in Kyrygyz shepherd culture, it is the harmonious rhythm of life. 

As a sweater, you’ll fully appreciate wearing the luxury of the close-fitting, lightweight cashmere Turmok. Three-quarter length sleeves, clean and simple hemline and neckline edgings, and a simple-to-work swirl pattern at the top of the yoke, made with right twists and decreases, combine for a modern and stylish finish. Short rows beneath the yoke raise the back neckline for a comfortable fit.The body and yoke are worked in the round from the bottom up, and the sleeves are worked flat then seamed, making this an easily knit sweater. The underarms are seamed instead of grafted, a simple construction that has the added bonus of adding more stability for this lightweight fabric.

Kit includes:

  • Four to seven skeins of June Cashmere's 100% Kyrgyz cashmere fingering weight yarn based on size 
  • Digital pattern (emailed to you)
  • Packaged in our 12" x 12" June Cashmere logo bag made of 100% organic cotton


30 - finished size 30.25" bust, 21.5" length (4 skeins)

34 - finished size 34.25" bust, 22.5" length (4 skeins)

38 - finished size 38.25" bust, 23" length (5 skeins)

42 - finished size 42.25" bust, 24" length (5 skeins)

46 - finished size 46.25" bust, 24.25" length (6 skeins)

50 - finished size 50.5" bust, 25.5" length (7 skeins)


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