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Our story

Hi. I'm Amy Swanson, director at June Cashmere Yarn. We say here that "It's more than yarn." It's the production of a cashmere yarn worthy of all the hands involved - from shepherds to makers and everyone in between.
Our cashmere yarn is different. First, our fiber is purchased directly from shepherds in Kyrgyzstan, who each spring, comb the fiber from their goats to receive fair market value and above for their fiber. The goal is economic development for Kyrgyzstan through cashmere.
Second, we oversee each step of production, taking the fiber to finished skein by sustainably, ethically, and transparently producing 100% cashmere yarn for making. Milled in Great Britain in small family-run mills, our yarn comes from only the longest, most uniform fibers to yield a soft yet substantial yarn with exquisite stitch definition and drape. We don't over-mill our yarn to prematurely bring out the softness. The result is cashmere as it's meant to be, allowing you to create accessories and garments that will last, with little to no pilling, that just get better with time. 
Finally, we are dedicated to exceptional customer service and to keeping our cashmere as affordable as we possibly can, having kept our pricing constant since we began in 2017. Yes, cashmere is expensive. A goat only produces 4 ounces of this exquisite downy undercoat that is cashmere each year and a large portion of that weight is lost during processing. It takes 4-6 goats to yield enough of this precious fiber to knit a sweater. Compare this to the fact that you can get 4-6 sweaters from the wool fleece of one sheep! Cashmere is a limited annual resource, which is why we've been purposeful in milling a cashmere yarn that will last a lifetime. 

Experience June Cashmere yarn

So how can you be a part of our story?

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  • Order our color card or we automatically include it in first-time orders.
  • Join us for Knitting Together. We meet every other Sunday via Zoom to visit and talk making. We answer any knitting or making questions, too!
  • Check out our blog posts to learn interesting things about our Kyrgyzstan, cashmere, our yarn, and new patterns and learn more about us through many articles written about our story and yarn.
  • And of course, purchase from us. We truly cannot do this without you and are thankful for each and every order. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at I can't wait for us to help you create beautiful, timeless pieces to wear and enjoy for years to come. 

May you find joy in making with our yarn!  --Amy

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