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WEEK 6: It's a wrap!

Hello Everyone,

Well, it’s finished! And it’s gorgeous! 

I cast off my poncho on Tuesday and sewed the buttons on yesterday, once the poncho was dry from washing and blocking. I love the natural colour and it will look amazing with my mostly navy, brown and grey wardrobe staples. I keep putting it on to wear around the house because it feels so soft and I like the flow and drape of it as I move around. I find this such a stunning pattern with its asymmetrical look that enhances and shows off the waves.

My poncho blocked out to the exact measurements in the pattern.  However, I only have 17 ½ repetitions of the cable pattern (I decreased and cast off after row 16), in spite of having knit the poncho once previously and swatching again on smaller needles. I thought I had hit the right gauge, but apparently not. It looks like I will have to go down to a size 0 (or 2mm) needle to get it. When compared to the original knit by the designer, my fabric is lighter and airier, not as dense as that one with its 21 repeats of the cable, and the waves are slightly elongated. As a poncho, this really does not matter, because overall, the size is right and it still looks beautiful.  Yours will too!!                                       

There was a bit of yarn left over, not enough to knit to the end of the 18th cable pattern, but again, stopping at row 16 of the pattern is an option, which I did. As you can see, Dexter the cat loves the feel of the cashmere yarn, too!             



The buttons I landed on were the metal shanks for the front and the vintage flat for the back/stabilizing buttons.  The flat buttons have 4 holes, but I only used two of them. I tried and even bought pearl flat buttons for the back, but really like the darker buttons better on the natural colour.


This is the 6th and final blog for the knit along. It has been a pleasure to share this knitting journey with you and I hope my blogs have inspired your poncho project. I am experiencing a bit of knitting withdrawal but have my knitter’s guild KAL sweater to finish and gardening waiting, so onto the next things!

Keep knitting and before you know it, your poncho will be a wrap, too. And even though the KAL is over, we still are happy to answer questions for you.








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