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A knitting pattern is born: Millcreek-The classic cashmere sweater set.

Mood board for June Cashmere and Tayler Harris Millcreek sweater set showing sketch of cashmere sweater set, knit swatches, and books

A knitting pattern is born.

Our newest collaboration with Tayler Harris of tayleranneknits is perfection. From mood board to finished pieces, Tayler's Millcreek Ribbed Cardigan and Tank designs are haute couture yet unassuming, modern yet classically timeless, which is exactly what Tayler hoped to accomplish with this set.

Tayler: "I was inspired to create a sweater set that had a classic, simple look, and timeless feel. Lines and shape played a big role in my overall vision, and the graceful curves of the shaping details are what I love most about the design. Just as a classic novel or a nostalgic song can bring feelings of peace and happiness, I hope this sweater set can bring those same feelings, and stand the test of time."

Hand knitting

The ribbing stitch pattern for each hand knit piece runs from edge to edge, reflecting the book page edge lines found on Tayler's mood board. The simple details and finishing that Tayler adds to the sweater set will lift anyone's knitting skills to another level. The cardigan and tank are pieced and seamed, but do not shy away from this beautiful technique of garment making. This is how we create garments that fit us, that flatter our shapes.

Knitting support

Tayler always offers amazing pattern support and technique videos via her YouTube Channel. You can contact us at with questions as well. But because we want you to choose a cashmere sweater that you will love and have it fit you, we'll be offering classes to this effect in January 2023. Join our community to be the first to know about these classes (at the bottom of the page). In the meantime, join us simply to work on any project during our Knitting Together meet-ups on Zoom.

Knitting patterns

A final thought. . . All of this has me reflecting on what it means when a designer (and yarn company) launch a new knit pattern design into the world. So much work leads up to this moment and then in an instant, the patterns suddenly are posted in all the places awaiting reception. I stand in awe of the process - of the courage and the risk. First, there's the inception of the piece by the designer and collaboration with the yarn company on suitability of design and support with yarn. This all happens months ahead - often a full year leading prior to the launch date. The designer then goes through hours of work designing, knitting, and finally documenting the work into pattern language. Tech editors are hired to check math numbers and writing; test knitters can be used to go through the process. Photography occurs, marketing planned, patterns are set-up in printable form, coding must happen to get everything on websites and on social media. All those involved are compensated. It's such a system of trust to the knitting community to support the work, the time, the energy, the expense. It's changed me in how I look at designs and patterns; designers and yarn companies. I spend time engaging, thinking about the work with appreciation, purchasing when I can. Rather than taking fleeting looks and making quick judgements about liking a design, I try to linger, to consider, to honor the process of those doing the hard and scary work of putting their creativity into the world. I encourage us all to do the same and support the special gifts of time and talent being offered to us.


Until next time, find joy in making!



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