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Knit a scarf and fingerless mitts - in cashmere!



Planning Fallacy

I recently learned of a phenomenon called the Planning Fallacy. It refers to the natural tendency of underestimating the time we will need to complete a project. The good news is that it's based on optimism! When we estimate the time needed for our own actions, we are overly optimistic that we can complete things quickly, using 'best-case-scenario' timelines. The bad news is that we're wrong. Pretty much always wrong. And do I relate to that.

I can look back at so many of my planned projects - you know - like the outside house painting job that has taken 5 +years to complete because 1. it's daunting to scrape, repair, seal, and then paint with 2 coats of paint each. cedar. shingle, 2. there's a lot of surface area to cover - like 3 stories high because of the attic, 3. the task been exhausting, 4. the Covid lost years of depression meant we couldn't even muster an attempt one year, and 5. on and on and on with excuses.

That's just one example but when running a business, it's very disconcerting to me that the practice continues. . . and it's pretty much time to try to follow research suggestions on how to realistically plan.

Knitting Patterns

But why talk about the Planning Fallacy here? Well, the same time underestimation is true for my newest designs: Pebbles Scarf and Pebbles Mitts.

I designed Pebbles scarf some four years ago. At least. My hope always was to introduce it with matching mitts and well, every other task kept pushing back my efforts.

Long Lasting Cashmere Yarn

The good news from the time delay is that you can see in the photo just how beautifully my scarf is wearing. This wonderful cashmere yarn that comes from our shepherds in Kyrgyzstan and is milled in the Yorkshire/Lancashire regions of Great Britain simply wears and wears. The scarf looks as nice as the day I made it and I've worn it so much. I love to be able to point to the scarf as testament to the quality of our yarn. So there's that. And I guess the time delay on the mitt design is something I just accept and, more importantly, use as data when estimating realistic time allowances for my next designs.

Petoskey stones - the ones with the circles

Soft, luxurious knit gifts for yourself and others

For now, however, let me introduce you to my Pebbles Scarf and Mitts designs! They were inspired by the loop stitch that make up the ends of the scarf and the cuff of the mitts. When I first swatched the stitch, I loved its whimsy and the fact that it made me think of the stones and pebbles of Lake Michigan. Growing up an hour from the Big Lake in Northern Lower Michigan, it was - and still is - a thing to hunt for stones. All different kinds of stones. But especially the wonderful Petoskey Stones, fossilized pieces of coral reef found only along the northern Lake Michigan shoreline. The lake stones--they are a part of my soul.

May you find joy in knitting with our cashmere yarn

As I always say, may you find joy in knitting with our cashmere yarn. I also hope you find joy in making these new designs. The scarf is knit from just two skeins of our DK weight cashmere and the mitts require just one skein of the same. We have kits available for each or if you already have a skein or two of our yarn, you can purchase the pattern separately.

Until next time,


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