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Knitting a scarf. And a hat. In spring.

Knitting a scarf

It's spring in Ohio. . . so let me introduce you to my new Deco Scarf and Deco Hat designs.  Oxymoron, anyone? New scarf and hat knitting patterns in spring? Why not?! This way, you'll be ready for fall and winter and December gift giving. And, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it's perfect timing.

Truthfully, launching a scarf and hat in April was not intended, but life happens.  I'd also argue that knitting is not necessarily seasonal, although marketing tries to make it so based on what we wear seasonally. I really think makers make what they are feeling creatively at the moment. The beauty of these two new knitting patterns is that they are quick and offer enough intrigue to be interesting.

Knitting pattern inspiration

Deco was born through my love of sampling different knitting stitches and my love of all things Art Deco - architectural lines, product design, print patterns, clothing styles (as in all the clothing from Phryne Fisher, a tv series based on Kerry Greenwood's mystery books).

Knitting Stitch

My beautiful vintage pottery bowls inspire the lines of Deco's shaped, twisted rib stitch pattern. The contrasting smooth relief sections in the bowl are conveyed through Deco's purl stitch sections.

Deco's twisted rib stitch, shaped by a simple cable stitch, is an easy stitch to master. It's accomplished simply by knitting or purling through the back of a stitch loop rather than through the front. The twisting of stitches in this way allows the stitches to pop and sit higher than the purl stitches surround the rib pattern. If you've worked with June Cashmere yarn before, you know that one of the qualities of the yarn is how beautifully it shows off stitch definition. Our 3- and 6-ply yarns (fingering and DK respectively), as well as the long, uniform fibers of our cashmere, allow this soft, lightweight yarn to bloom into even and full stitches. The resulting stitch definition, drape, and softness of garments and accessories made from our yarn are a thing to behold. Integrating a stitch like the twisted rib into a pattern for our yarn helps showcase the yarn's beautiful qualities.

Scarf Pattern in DK Cashmere Yarn

The Deco scarf design came first and is knit from 3 skeins of our DK weight cashmere, making it just long enough to wrap around your neck and show off the unique shaped scarf ends. Being a hollow fiber, cashmere is insulating and lightweight. It keeps you warm while also regulating with your body temperature. What an amazing fiber. You can purchase the pattern and yarn for the scarf as a bundle in our Deco Scarf Kit

Hat Pattern in DK Cashmere Yarn

Deco Hat was actually my husband's idea. While watching me knit the scarf ends into shape he said, "That design would make an amazing hat." I immediately scrunched the scarf end to simulate a hat and sure enough, I could see it too. Knit from just 1 skein of our DK cashmere, the pattern and yarn are bundled into the Deco Hat Kit.

From vintage pottery bowls to my husband's input, design inspiration can come from anywhere, including your immediate daily surroundings. At least that is how Deco came to be.

What color will you choose for your Deco Hat and Scarf? 

My sister already is knitting her Deco Scarf in color Aegean. . . what color will you choose to knit yours?

Until next time, may you find joy in knitting with our yarn! And if you're so inclined, we'd love for you to join our community to receive our weekly newsletter. Sign up is via the 'join now' button at the bottom of the page.       -Amy

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