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Transitioning to warmer weather, you can still wear cashmere.

From Winter to Spring.

Spring officially has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, albeit in some places, the usual markers are slow to arrive. Parts of Canada are still in the freeze and thaw zone with no sightings yet of greening or daffodils. In southern Kyrgyzstan, the 20,000 foot mountain snow is melting after the long, hard winter. The shepherd families that supply our cashmere fiber live in villages in the Ferghana Valley, accessed by the ancient Silk Road. Paved in just the last decade or so, the mountain road is windy and snowy in winter. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty published this video sharing the story of how one man keeps the road clear.

As spring gives clearer Silk Road access to shepherd families, the purchasing of cashmere fiber will begin, running through June. Spring activates the natural molting of the downy cashmere undercoat from the native goats so that shepherds can comb the fiber to collect it. The cash these families receive for this fiber is a vital secondary income, coming long after their fall income from the sale of crops such as potatoes or fattened animals. 

Combing fiber in Kyrgyzstan. 

Cashmere properties

As the days get warmer for many, we'll also move our focus from indoors to out, changing our clothing to match the weather, storing away our winter knits. The amazing thing about cashmere, however, is that we don't have to put away many of the garments we have made - they are wearable year-round given the properties of cashmere. 

Cashmere is a hollow, smooth fiber making it lightweight and soft against the skin. Being a natural fabric, cashmere is able to maintain consistent body temperature by allowing our skin to breathe. The fibers absorb moisture (body perspiration) and evaporates it away, cooling us. While you likely won't need your hats and scarves as we head toward summer, your cashmere wraps and sweaters are perfect for spring and summer layering. Take advantage of the insulating, lightweight warmth in air conditioning and on cool nights and see how the natural properties of cashmere help us maintain a comfortable body temperature even in warmer weather. 

Caring for cashmere

For those cashmere pieces you won't need as we transition to warmer days, see this blog post on caring for your cashmere. If you haven't yet knit a cashmere sweater or wrap, you are in for a treat. Our yarn is spun to last a lifetime and is substantial, allowing for knitting, ripping out, and knitting again. Soft on the hands while making and soft on the skin while wearing, your garment made with our yarn will be a wardrobe staple. Check out these classic, transitional pieces, as well as all of our garment kits

Brookside, a poncho designed by Tayler Harris

Wallowa, cashmere sweater designed by Shellie Anderson

Wanderer, a wrap designed by Amy Swanson

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Until next time, find joy in making with (and wearing) our cashmere! --Amy


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