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Caring for Cashmere

We've been asked how best to care for hand knit and crochet items made with June Cashmere yarns, so today we'll be posting some of our tips and tricks to ensure your hand made pieces will last for years to come.  Washing the first time When you make an item in cashmere, the item isn't finished until you wash and block it. This allows the cashmere to bloom, stitches to even out, and even more softness to emerge. As we continue to wear our cashmere items, there are steps we can to keep them in tip top shape so that they last us a very long time. General upkeep of cashmere In general, you don't need or want to wash...

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Knitting a scarf. And a hat. In spring.

Introducing Deco Scarf and Hat knitting patterns and cashmere yarn kits!   knitting scarf patterns knitting knitting stitches knitting hat patterns knitting patterns knitting hat knitting a scarf knitting how to cashmere yarn cashmere knitting yarn cashmere yarn for knitting cashmere yarn for crochet cashmere yarn for crocheting cashmere crochet yarn wool cashmere yarn

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Knit a scarf and fingerless mitts - in cashmere!

    Planning Fallacy I recently learned of a phenomenon called the Planning Fallacy. It refers to the natural tendency of underestimating the time we will need to complete a project. The good news is that it's based on optimism! When we estimate the time needed for our own actions, we are overly optimistic that we can complete things quickly, using 'best-case-scenario' timelines. The bad news is that we're wrong. Pretty much always wrong. And do I relate to that. I can look back at so many of my planned projects - you know - like the outside house painting job that has taken 5 +years to complete because 1. it's daunting to scrape, repair, seal, and then paint with...

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A knitting pattern is born: Millcreek-The classic cashmere sweater set.

A knitting pattern is born. Our newest collaboration with Tayler Harris is perfection. A sweater set offered in two knitting kits showcases our cashmere knitting yarn. Knit in June Cashmere's fingering weight cashmere, you will wear this timeless design for years to come, enjoying this soft and lightweight ethical wool.

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Knitting Resources

  Texture and color - Design at Play, June Cashmere Last week, I had the privilege to be a panel member on a webinar entitled, Knit Along, one of a series of textile talks hosted by Selvedge Magazine. During the event, I was reminded of the awe that textiles inspire in me as Di Gilpin and Sheila Greenwell talked about the history of the Gansey Sweater based on the research for their book, The Gansey Knitting Sourcebook. Can you imagine the thrill of finding a woman with note cards documenting 100 years of Gansey stitch patterns? And that the craft was endangered as being lost up until recently? I’m most certainly purchasing this sourcebook and am thankful to Di and...

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