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Find joy in making.

Find joy in making, I like to say, because I truly want us to find joy in creating, in using our hands and minds to produce something uniquely made. I especially want us to find joy in making with this special cashmere yarn, bringing honor to the final step of the yarn's voyage from shepherds' hands to our own. Recently, however, I'm reminded that knitting (and making) can offer the mind, body, and spirit a multitude of benefits beyond joy. Research and anecdotal evidence from knitters tell us that knitting reduces depression and anxiety (lowers blood pressure, relaxes us, helps us to cope with difficult situations); helps slow the onset of dementia and distracts us from chronic pain (can even...

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Learning a new skill can be frustrating.

Learning a new skill can be frustrating. Recently, a knitter casting on the Lostine hat was trying to master the tubular cast-on. Expressing her frustration on Instagram, I reached out to her for moral support and links to tutorials. She was so close to making it work, but the truth is, figuring out a knitting technique on your own can be hard.   The Lostine Hat and Wrap patterns by Shellie Anderson start with a waste-yarn, tubular cast-on. You can see in the photo how beautifully the cast-on allows the ribbing to flow from the edge. For the hat, this cast-on method doesn't impede the necessary stretch of the rim like other cast-ons might.   Conquering a new technique is...

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We're in Laine. . . and a cookie recipe.

We're thrilled to be a feature story in  the current issue of Laine (Issue 13)! A few months ago, Sy and I enjoyed a Zoom interview with Maija Kangasluoma, who in turn wrote a beautiful 6-page spread about us. Laine is a Finnish knitting magazine published in English and Finnish and distributed widely around Europe, USA, and Canada. We hope the publicity will help us to grow our community of knitters.  In addition to offering beautiful knitting patterns, every issue of Laine includes recipes, sometimes from other cultures, sometimes to showcase Scandinavia. I love food traditions and in my family, December is the month in which food revolves around my Swedish heritage. We eat lutefisk on Christmas Eve (yes, I...

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Designing Knitwear with Tayler Harris

  I am enthralled with how people design. . . and I love textile swatches - woven ones, knit ones, printed ones, all the ones. I love to imagine what those swatches might become. When hand drawn sketches are involved, I swoon. And swoon, I did, when I saw Tayler Harris's design boards for our Holiday 2021 Collaboration. Tayler's inspiration for the collection came from the Uinta mountains of her home state of Utah. In Tayler's words- The Uinta Range is full of forests, lakes, and meadows, and is home to the highest point in Utah, Kings Peak, that reaches over 13,000 ft. It is a beautiful place full of so many textures, colors, shapes, sounds, smells, and wildlife. All...

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IT happened. . . a grease spot on my cashmere!

IT HAPPENED. A clearly visible drop of greasy sauce. Right on the middle front of the Norah Gaughan Sand Waves Poncho that I wear All. The. Time. . .  Oooohhhh Noooooo, I blurted outloud when I realized. . . However, I've decided to make lemonade out of lemons, as they say, and use the greasy spot to talk about caring for and washing cashmere garments, as well as share my favorite trick at removing grease stains out of anything from cashmere to those cotton t-shirts where the stains aren’t discovered until after being set in the dryer.

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