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Q: When checking gauge, it says to wash and dry the swatch. Do you leave it connected to the skein and reuse the yarn? Or do you snip and it ends up unused?  --Brenda

A: Good question, Brenda--especially when we’re talking about a larger swatch and cashmere. To make it easier to unravel and use the swatched yarn again, I don’t cast off when I finish the swatch, instead I run another piece of yarn through the stitches to hold them, cut the yarn and then wash and block the swatch. Then, if I need the yarn for the project, its easier to unravel, just pull out the piece of yarn holding the stitches, pull the cut end to unravel, and wind into a little ball ready to knit into the project. 

If you really don’t want to cut the yarn, you could do the same thing, run a piece of yarn through the stitches to hold them then wash and block the swatch. When it’s dry and you do your measurements for gauge, once you’ve figured out any adjustments to make,  pull the yarn out, unravel the swatch and wind back onto the ball. The amazing thing about June Cashmere yarn is that you can knit, unknit, and reknit and the yarn is still utterly beautiful.

Thank you for asking the question and I hope this helps.  --Signe

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