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Tamareien with Friends - Hat pattern in cashmere by Cassandra Harada

Welcome to June Cashmere!

We love our knit hat collaboration with designer Cassandra Harada!  

So how does a collaboration work? In this case, we provided the yarn and Cassie designed the pattern. We connected because Cassie reached out to us to share that since 2017, she has worn and worn a hat she made from our cashmere yarn. It's still her go-to hat and her friend. 

That hand knit cashmere hat is her friend because. . .

•It is warm yet not too warm - cashmere is lighter and warmer than sheep's wool, yet it also regulates with your body heat.
•It is soft. You can wear cashmere close to the skin because it is a hollow, smooth fiber and won't be itchy.
•It hasn't pilled - and she has worn and worn and worn that hat. That's how we mill our cashmere - so that it will last and can be worn hard. 

    So why is Cassie offering this new hat pattern for free? She wants others to know what it's like to wear a hat from our cashmere. She wants to support us in hopes that you will make her hat in our DK weight cashmere, knowing that you will have a hat that you can wear on marathons (like she does) and hiking, yet also out to eat or headed to a special occassion.



    She also knows that your yarn purchase is what we need to be able to keep producing this amazing yarn that does good in the world. We say at June Cashmere that 'It's more than yarn.' It's about fairly paying shepherds in Kyrgyzstan, investing in their lives and preserving the native goat. It's about transparently and ethically producing a cashmere yarn so that it will last, honoring the skills and time of the maker. 

    So get your yarn here: June Cashmere DK weight cashmere yarn
    Then get your pattern here: Tamareien with Friends hat pattern.  

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