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Welcome to APRIL 2023 VKLive!

Friday, April 21, 4-4:30 pm ET  -  Zoom Recording Passcode: .TJ&C2m*

Saturday, April 22, 2-2:30 pm ET  -  Zoom Recording  Passcode: oEV=9?2J

Show agenda

For the new, half-hour VKL sessions, we'll spend our time talking with you about our yarn and knit samples. We love your engagement - that's what makes the event really fun. Bring your questions!

Our story

Intertwined in each skein of yarn is a shepherd family living in Kyrgyzstan. We exist to provide Kyrgyz shepherd families with a secondary income for their cashmere, paying them fair market value and above for their fiber. In turn, we work toward economic development in-country, having just established a cashmere de-hairing facility in the capital city Bishkek. We now collect, sort, scour and de-hair Kyrgyz highest quality cashmere in Kyrgyzstan and then send our fiber to the greater Manchester textile-producing region of England for spinning and dyeing. We sell our yarn out of our headquarters, Columbus, Ohio, working to keep our pricing as low as possible for cashmere for our valued maker community.

If you haven't heard of us before, we welcome you to watch the video before attending our event (including narration from our founder, Sy Belohlavek). It shares with you the people, goats, and land that allow us, the makers, the opportunity to work with such exquisite fiber. Join us to learn about this amazing yarn and all you can make from it. We can't wait to visit with you!

Show Features

EXTRAS: All orders through Monday Apr 24 receive our logo kit bag. First time orders receive our color card. No code necessary. Kits are bundled at a 10% overall discount. We offer shipping deals (see below).

Millcreek Tank Kit

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Shipping for USA (shipping USPS First Class)

Orders $70 or more ship free. Orders under $75 ship for $5.

Shipping for Canada (shipping USPS)

Orders $130 USD and above ship free to Canada. Orders under $130 US - flat $10 USD shipping fee (we cover half or more of your shipping cost!)

Shipping in Europe

Shipping abroad is costly. Your best option is to contact our stockist, Wollewien, in Vienna, Austria, for ordering in Europe. You may also email us at so we can determine the exact shipping cost for you to ship from Ohio, USA.  (However, this does not include any duty or customs fees that you may encounter upon receiving your package).


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