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WS 2/32 Weaving and Fine Knitting Yarn

WS 2/32 Weaving and Fine Knitting Yarn

$ 44.00 USD

100 grams of June Cashmere's 100% Kyrgyz cashmere yarn in its purest form--unbleached and undyed. Natural soft brown color. We have coned this yarn for weavers. With the spinning oils still in the yarn, our 2/32 is strong enough for to use as warp yarn. Add color to your weaving project with our lace weight organically-dyed colors as weft. Suggested EPI: 12-24 (test sett before each project). Approx. 800 yards

Our 2/32 is beautiful for fine knitting, too. Finer than our lace weight, the gauge is: 38 sts stockinette to 4"/10cm on Needle US 0/2mm. For open lacework, Needle US 2-8/2.75-5mm. 

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